The book ‘Silver Forest’

Above is the book cover ‘Silver Forest’, an original painting. ‘Old nor new in a Medieval time, there was this tiny sea country surrounded by snow capped mountains at the border of Dalmatia…” The epic story book starts with the small Medieval principality and its mighty small Prince Gjerg, son of Gjon, son of Pal. Years and years after, in 1898, a hedgehog family in a fairy silver forest start an adventurous journey to visit their grandfather in the sea town, Dolcigno. Somehow this long trip ends in the country’s capital. Through this voyage, the reader hears the social and political life of this small Adriatic nation from the first hand, animals. The saga was told from generation to generation in clans of Marios Renovatio, somewhere in Venetian Albania. ‘Ketri’ was firstly introduced to readers in this epic voyage as a guest character.

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