Highlandia is an epic county where snow capped mountains surround fertile lands. Ketri has born into a small farm next to the Silver forest in north Highlandia. ‘Silver Forest‘ an epic story from Marios Renovatio clan, described these lands in details. A green county full of delicious flowers and wild life surrounds the farm. This wild life goes throught the mountains and the Silver forest. A small stone bridge on the  river connects the farm to the White village. Visiting White village is a challenging voyage for Ketri and friends. White village boosts a medieval piazza and the clock tower.  Its market place is the attractive where dairy products mostly delivered from the farm where Ketri lives. White village is the half way through the port city of Dolcigno where Highlandia meets the beautiful Adriatic sea. Dolcigno hosts county’s busy city life and cultural atmosphere.